Q: Do I have to have the latest version of any particular program to use your check-stub templates?

A: No. Check-stub Templates will download and open with any text document program on your computer.

Q:  Do I have access to payroll company logo’s for my check stub?

A:  Yes, lifetime members have access to numerous payroll company logos.

Q: Can the check-stub come in pdf format?

A: Yes.

Q: What type of document am I downloading?

A: Simple Word/Text document.

Q: Can I print these paycheck stubs on regular paper?

A: Yes

Q: Will I have to install anything on my computer?

A: No. You will just download and save templates on your computer and open them with your text or word document software already on your computer.

Q: Will these check-stubs download and work with a MAC?

A: Yes

Q: How often can I download the templates?

A: You can download templates as a member in the online group whenever you want.  There is no limit on downloads.

Q: Do you have a sample of the stubs?

A: We do not offer samples any longer.

Q: How many times do I have to pay $12.95 or $24.95?

A: One time, lifetime payment.

Q: Does the website automatically enter the numbers onto the check-stubs.

A: No. You must enter the numbers or cut and paste onto the check-stubs.

Q: Will the website print out a digital check-stub?

A: Yes

Q: Will the website calculate in any state?

A: Yes. If you live in the United States of America, the website will make the calculations and deductions for you.

Q: Why isn’t the download immediate if I pay with Google Checkout?

A: Google Checkout doesn’t allow us the link to provide to our Thank You page.

Q: Where can I get official check-stub paper?

A:  Any major office supply store or the check printing software offered on our website.

Q:  If I have EVS Services do my check-stub for me, how long will it take for me to get my stub?

A:  48 to 72 hours delivered via email.

Q: What is your Terms Of Service?

A: Each user after a successful payment can access their order anytime if they lose it by calling our company or emailing us with your payment email address.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: No refund after successful download and entry into our online group.